Cuckoo Double Sided Multi BBQ Grill _ 쿠쿠 양면 멀티 그릴 CFR-331G

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Color: Gold
$179.99 $209.99


  • A layer of fluorocarbon polymer coating prevents food from sticking to the rack during cooking
  • The main body, lid and drip tray can be easily separated and reassembled, facilitating easy cleaning.
  • The viewing window allows easy monitoring of the cooking progress. The top & bottom double heating eliminates the need for repeated flips. The ceramic filter works effective in getting rid of the odor and smoke from cooking.
  • Non-stick Grill Wire Rack (Grill Wire Rack),Easy to Clean - 4 separable parts, Viewing Window, Top & Bottom Double Heating, Ceramic Filter, Auto Timer, Cooking Finish Alarm, Adjustable Grill Wire Rack & Wire Mesh, Triple Safety Device and Grill Wire Rack & Wire Mesh. 


How to clean (세척방법)

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